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We are a Web Hosting Reseller?

Web Hosting Bristol is a hosting reseller, basically we purchase server space and re-sell it. We have written a post, What is a Hosting Reseller, explaining more. I am a hosting reseller for Heart Internet I did a lot of research before choosing them and they have proved to be amazing.

Nothing Ever Goes permanently Wrong With our Web Hosting…. Ever!

I’ll repeat that Nothing Ever Goes permanently Wrong With our Web Hosting…. Ever! How can I be so sure? Well, I’ve been a reseller with Heart Internet for 3 years and have hosted many sites. In that time there has never been a problem that was not solved in a very short space of time. Nothing can go wrong. The servers are backed up in real-time and if one dies there is instant back up available. Obviously there have been glitches, but the downtime has been minimal. Heart Internet customer service is second to none and their reaction time is impeccable . In fact they go beyond the call of duty and have helped me solve many problems not included in their remit and were not obliged help with. This customer service is passed directly to my customers.

So Why go with Bristol Web Hosting?

I started this business because I had personally found web hosting to be a minefield. I wanted a few websites and found it really difficult to decide which hosting company to go with. I’d been hosting two or three sites with a friend of a friend but needed more flexibility. At the same time some friends of mine were looking to start websites so I decided to become a hosting reseller. We’ve been up and running for over three years.We give great value for a high quality service, we compete favorably with the market leaders on price and standards. We are in Bristol therefore we can meet to discuss your requirements face to face.