Website for Twenty Pounds

A Website for Twenty Pounds?

OK so what do we mean by a website for twenty pounds? We mean if you have a URL i.e. a web address ( we can provide you with a basic high quality hosting package for a year. After the year is up it’s only £12/year to renew.  You get 1 GB of Web Space, unlimited bandwidth, several one click installs including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, free telephone and web support. Perfect for a blog, some small businesses, artist site etc. This will include you inserting one backlink pointing to this website on one page of your website typically your ‘About Us’ page. If you don’t want a backlink appearing on your website it will cost you a further £5

Website for Twenty Pounds

What will I need to do to get my website up and running?

First buy yourself a domain name, I would recommend Easily, purchase a hosting package from me, i send you a password, login instructions and details on changing you nameserver settings to direct your URL to my servers (NB. THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT). This will get you into your hosting control panel where you can begin creating your website. The video below shows you how to login to your hosting control panel,setup your Email settings, and install a wordpress website.

Please note you get no help with this you’re simply buying a hosting package and the ability to create a website. If you need help feel free to contact me and I’ll help you get your website online for the best possible price.